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Reimagine healthcare with transformative, data-driven technology that deepens patient engagement and instills confidence in providers.

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Turning ambitions into reality

Healthcare is undergoing a monumental shift. The surge in telehealth coupled with overburdened staff and longer patient stays has drastically changed how organizations provide care.

Ignoring challenges isn’t an option when lives are on the line — and you need a trusted technology partner to guide your transformation journey.

With Insight, you’ll have the confidence to tackle your ambitious IT challenges, including:

  • Compliance and cybersecurity
  • Telehealth and connectivity
  • Data center and cloud
  • Patient experience
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Close care continuum gaps with telehealth and IoT.

Telehealth is a win-win situation. Practitioners can serve more patients in remote areas, and providers reduce the strain of clinical backlogs. Virtual visits and the Internet of Things (IoT) are removing physical barriers while simultaneously improving health outcomes.

Health monitoring devices and videoconferencing solutions enable providers to deliver seamless experiences and drive better results. Applications customized to the needs of specific medical conditions can continually engage patients and offer around-the-clock support.

A holistic communication strategy

Effective healthcare isn’t siloed. The right collaboration software, mobile devices and file-sharing platforms strengthen bonds across your entire organization.

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Connect cross-functional teams with Cisco Webex®, Microsoft Teams® and Zoom.

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Streamline file sharing with easy-to-use content platforms, like Sharepoint® and Dropbox.

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Enable clinical work from anywhere with smart phones, tablets and 2-in-1 devices.

IT environments that save lives

Updating your IT infrastructure can have an enormous impact on your patients. Operational efficiency translates to reduced length of stay and faster diagnosis. Meet daily demands by deploying a modern data center and cloud.

Data center

Support your growing data ecosystem with a modern solution that makes it easier to collect and analyze information, so you can identify trends and make data-driven business decisions.


Increase agility, performance and mobility through a cloud platform that drives digital transformation with advanced analytics and more.

Our security-first approach

Healthcare data is a valuable target for cybercriminals. We’ll help you safeguard sensitive patient information. Our solutions are fundamentally secure and HIPAA-compliant, designed to keep hackers out, protect patient records and ensure uptime.

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Healthcare solutions for happier, healthier patients

Legacy systems and outdated processes don’t just jeopardize the quality of care. They also harm the patient experience. We’ll help you use simple, intuitive and helpful technology touchpoints — from online registering and scheduling to after-visit updates — to involve patients in their healthcare journey.

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Healthcare in 2022 ebook cover

Healthcare in 2022

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