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Go to the Cloud Commerce Platform — Insight’s cloud management platform — so you can start effectively governing your cloud license portfolio.

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A comprehensive cloud management platform

Modern workforces need collaborative, easy-to-use and secure technology at their disposal. The cloud delivers these benefits, but an Enterprise Agreement can be costly and burdensome for some organizations.

With Insight's Cloud Commerce Platform, you get on-demand and affordable access to innovative solutions. We make it simple to procure, provision and manage licenses so you can maximize your cloud investments.

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Access increased flexibility and savings.

Competitive businesses align their IT to daily demands. Our cloud management platform lets you pay only for what you need. You can easily add or remove licenses at any time — simplifying scale and reducing cost.

We’ve made it easier to do more in the cloud.

Frictionless control of cloud solutions increases collaboration, security, mobility and intelligence. Through the Cloud Commerce Platform's centralized console for multiple licenses and products, you can:


Self-service purchasing options give you anywhere, anytime access to your cloud-based business technology.


Gain immediate access to the technology you need to deploy — on demand and updated automatically, without risk.


Assign, remove and reassign licenses in just seconds, and get visibility into past, present and future spending.


Make strategic purchasing decisions from comprehensive spending, consumption and billable items data.

A cloud purchasing tool for Microsoft 365

Now you can shop for, deploy and analyze Microsoft 365® subscriptions for enterprise in a single location. Whether you’re managing local or global operations, the Cloud Commerce Platform gives you access to the support and technologies you need, when you need them.

You can oversee the entire cloud lifecycle in one platform, with access to:

  • An advanced cloud purchasing experience
  • Reporting and visualization tools
  • License management
  • Subscription histories

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Why Insight for cloud?

We do more than provide cloud products and tools. Our Insight Intelligent Technology specialists are ready to ensure a smooth onboarding process. We’ll provide procurement guidance when you need it — from your first cloud purchase to long-term utilization and maintenance.

Together, we can create a roadmap for applications and workloads that should transition to the cloud. We’ll even implement and manage additional cloud technology as you move forward on your journey.

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Cutting-edge solutions

Empower your organization with cloud management platform tools that boost security, enable collaboration, provide real-time analytics, support productivity and more.

Optimizing your supply chain takes Insight.

We’ll help you maximize your technology resources, so you can better manage today’s operations and transform the future. Connect with our specialists by completing the contact form.


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