You need a workforce that's productive, connected and inspired.

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At an unprecedented rate, digital natives, mobile proliferation and advancements in cloud technology are changing the working landscape.

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We help you evolve your technology offerings to provide experiences that attract, develop and retain the top employees.

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With deep analysis and strategic execution, we help your business manage today and transform for the future.

It’s time to advance your business tools.

Flexibility, mobility and agility are now top priorities for employees and customers alike. Businesses are shifting their focus to end users and endpoints to maintain a competitive edge.

But successfully deploying, adopting and managing the tools and technology is complex and costly. We have the people, processes and experience to create a streamlined digital workplace.

We’re a true end-to-end partner.

Our managed services offerings are expansive to help you build a cloud-first, mobile-first, next-generation workplace. We’ll help you drive productivity, simplify management and consolidate spending.


Empower a hybrid workforce that's productive anywhere — with a single provider for modern endpoint management. Learn more

Content and collaboration

The right collaboration tools open up new avenues for group productivity and deliver a more engaging employee experience. Learn more

End-user computing

Holistic services cover device procurement, configuration, security and refresh with simplified pricing based on use. Learn more

Insight Intelligent Technology Report 2022: IT Ambitions for Business Transformation

35% of organizations cite improving employee productivity as a top business priority IT departments are expected to support. How is your business leveraging technology to address this need?

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Modernize your operations with managed workplace services.

Enhance every moving part of your business. Automation, self-service and governance can reduce your IT footprint while providing superior user experiences.

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IT governance & transformation

Implement the infrastructure and operations that support the modern workforce. Learn more

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IT self-service

Promote autonomy and reduce your IT burden through self-service tools and resources for your workers. Learn more

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Service desk

Resolve issues with minimal workflow disruption through chat, knowledge management and more. Learn more

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End-user support services

Streamline deployments and minimize disruptions when you extend your team with Insight's support services. Learn more

Create your workplace of the future.

We achieve real results through careful planning and strategic delivery. Our comprehensive process details every stage in your Connected Workforce journey, so you know where you're headed and how to get there. Explore our process:

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Assessing your existing state and establishing clear goals provides a solid foundation to guide your journey. To get the most accurate information, we begin each project by interviewing key stakeholders, gathering data and evaluating your infrastructure and offerings.

The cloud readiness of your business, location of your infrastructure and your current technology determine the length of your journey. We identify:

  • Baseline state
  • Business objectives
  • Maturity
  • Digital presence
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Team of business professionals gather to analyze site data


Once we've collected your raw data, we explore every potential path to determine the fastest and most cost-effective approach for connecting your workforce. We analyze the data and identify the right devices for your needs, crafting a tailored approach that's optimized to handle your future workloads.

Workshops and interactive conceptualization sessions explore revenue generation, pipeline management and more. We conduct:

  • Data analysis
  • Maturity modeling
  • Hybrid cloud assessments
  • Go-to-market strategy evaluations
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Team collaborates to create strategic roadmap


A detailed roadmap defines the end result and details the steps to achieve it. We quantify the timeline and cost to give you the most accurate and actionable plan. Based on this information, we're able to determine the length, complexity and cost commitment of your journey.

Our findings explain the major events along your timeline and how they impact your end users. Detailed proposals include:

  • Annotated road map
  • Integration methodology
  • Price breakdown
  • Supporting research
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Integrating new technology and transitioning your workforce are critical to long-term success. We’re committed to supporting you post-launch. Carrying out your delivery strategy ensures you see a quick return on investment and get the most out of your new Connected Workforce initiatives.

We see your journey through and provide ongoing managed services. We offer:

  • Continuous improvement
  • Data analytics
  • Ongoing transformation
  • Knowledge management
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Fuel productivity and retention.

Organizations in every industry benefit from a more engaged and enabled workforce. See how Insight’s Connected Workforce solutions help you build a frictionless work environment.

Solution Area Overview - Connected Workforce

Managed support for the entire Microsoft suite

Although Office 365® advances your workforce’s ability to be productive, managing multiple Microsoft® products behind the scenes can become a heavy IT burden. Insight’s Managed Office 365 support services reduce your administrative responsibility with a tiered support model.

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Start building your connected workforce.

We’ll help you construct a comprehensive workforce management strategy so you can remain competitive and attract and retain top talent. Connect with our specialists by completing the contact form or using one of the two options below.


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