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Aligning work to the right platforms

Understanding the value of each workload and how it will run on new technology equips your organization to create a modernized system. We’ll help you deploy a hybrid cloud solution that drives cost and management efficiencies while meeting business requirements.

Insight’s cloud and workload alignment services will transform your infrastructure into an environment that’s automated, managed and secure. We’ll study your data center to determine the most appropriate workload placement.

Developing and managing IT: A balancing act

The data and applications that make up your workloads have unique requirements.

Advanced technologies such as flash storage and the cloud play to different strengths.

Proper alignment is crucial to creating an environment that supports your business.


of IT leaders struggle with determining best-fit workloads for public, private and hybrid clouds.

— 2019 Insight Intelligent Technology Index

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Develop a sound strategy.

Our dedicated engineers will prepare and deploy a successful, workload-focused migration across on-premises and public cloud platforms. We’ll streamline your migration to avoid unplanned outages.

Our holistic approach

We evaluate many factors when determining the correct technology placement for each workload. Before any migration, we consider:

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Security & compliance

Safeguard important assets and data from malicious activity while ensuring regulatory compliance.

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Scalability & growth

Avoid capacity limits by providing applications enough resources for demand spikes and future growth.

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Multiplatform approach

Ensure consistent user access and eliminate downtime with a hybrid environment across many technologies.

Success through measurement

Application dependency mapping ensures effective IT alignment. The process reveals the upstream and downstream relationships among your applications, storage, network, servers and databases. Understanding the current state and readiness of your system minimizes migration complications.

Assure resiliency in your new environment by using insights from your current environment, including the:

  • Number of applications you’re running
  • Amount of servers & storage
  • Catalog of networking components & their roles
  • Internal & external technology communication

Merge workloads and suitable technology.

Adopting a single platform is no longer an option. A hybrid model flexibly matches technology characteristics with workload requirements. Any combination of platforms works. We’ll help you adopt the right approach to create a resourceful environment.

Flash data center

Data is always on demand in flash storage environments. Place your large, critical workloads here.


Availability and scale are at the center of hyperconverged and software-defined environments.

Public cloud

The public cloud provides agility and flexibility when it’s needed while enabling access from anywhere.

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Answer your infrastructure questions.

Our Workload Education Workshop empowers you with the knowledge required to determine efficient workload placement. Learn how to improve service delivery through your infrastructure and how to implement a meaningful cloud and data center strategy.

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Optimize your data center.

We’ll help you assess, deploy and manage your next-generation infrastructure — and align your workloads with the right platform to achieve agility. Connect with our specialists by completing the contact form or using one of the two options below.


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