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Get the most out of your infrastructure.

In our Workload Education Workshop, you’ll discover how to improve the performance of your data and applications by remapping your workloads to the technology best suited to them. We’ll show you how your applications can perform better with this holistic infrastructure evaluation.

Working with your stakeholders, we’ll identify how your data is being used and the demands of each application. Then, we’ll equip you with this information to migrate your workloads to platforms that complement them — boosting scalability, performance and security.

Your critical questions answered

Our architects, engineers and consultants will leverage a proven process and extensive technical knowledge to prepare your enterprise for change.


How do I document my ecosystem and dependencies?

Use application dependency mapping to discover every connection between your applications, storage, network and servers.


What workloads should I move to the cloud?

Creating a process that weighs compliance requirements and security challenges will help ensure effective cloud deployment.


What IT roles are needed to support my cloud strategy?

We’ll help you understand what roles and skills you’ll need, from service architects to orchestration and automation engineers.

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High-performing hybrid environments

In a 2020 IDG report, 89% of organizations reported that they were in the process of transitioning to a hybrid cloud approach, moving away from an all-private or all-public cloud strategy. At the same time, 92% of respondents increased the number of workloads deployed in the public cloud.

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Align your data center strategy & business outcomes.

This workshop will equip you to make important technology decisions that create meaningful business results. You’ll understand the impact on:


Design an infrastructure that seamlessly shifts workloads to the most cost-effective platform.


Transform your IT with a DevOps — the unification of development and operations — optimization plan.


Enhance your workloads by removing unnecessary elements of your infrastructure found during discovery.


Standardize your operations and deploy automation in a flexible and scalable hybrid environment.

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Moving beyond a single platform approach

Through the workshop, you’ll realize the business potential of multiple platforms working in concert to serve your business:

  • Cloud — adds agility to your services
  • Converged — streamlines management
  • Hyperconverged — enables you to scale faster
  • Flash — boosts data performance

Advance your workload knowledge.

By teaching you workload and platform assessment processes, we’ll prepare your enterprise for hybrid cloud data center transformation.