Infrastructure planning

Our workshops will analyze your systems and processes to help improve operational efficiency, business agility and customer experience.

Infrastructure Strategy Workshop

Infrastructure Strategy Workshop

Understand the current state of your infrastructure, learn how improvements can positively impact your business, and develop an action plan.

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Workload Education Workshop

Workload Transformation Assessment

Understand the full impact of infrastructure modernization through workload evaluations, application dependency maps and more.

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Cloud training

Using the cloud effectively requires careful planning, thoughtful execution and regular maintenance. Whether you’re building or optimizing your cloud, we’ll guide your journey.

Azure fundamentals envisioning sessions

Evaluate how Azure can benefit your business and learn adoption best practices to determine your cloud roadmap next steps in an expert-led session.

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Cloud Data Management Assessment

Define, refine and validate your cloud strategy with specific deliverables that will help you make well-informed decisions to improve data center efficiency.

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Cloud Envisioning Workshop

Discover what’s possible in the cloud and begin to chart your cloud strategy in this fully customized and collaborative working session.

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Azure IaaS & PaaS JumpStarts

Deploy a workload-ready Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS) environment customized to enhance your business outcomes.

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Increasing IT security

Cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated. So is your IT. Our collaborative sessions will help you both simplify and advance your security to safeguard data and maintain uptime.

Microsoft 365 Security Envisioning Session

Determine how Microsoft 365 can address your security threats, then develop an integration plan to improve cyber defense for devices, users and applications.

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IT Security Assessment

Identify vulnerabilities to protect your most valuable assets and ensure compliance through penetration testing, security tool rationalization and more.

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Identity and email access JumpStarts

Strengthen access policies and malware detection by creating an Azure Active Directory environment equipped with multi-factor authentication.

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Business continuity strategy

Your workloads, employees and customers depend on data availability. Our Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) sessions will improve recovery time after an outage.

BC/DR Envisioning Session

Understand how cloud-based disaster recovery and backup solutions can safeguard operations and define next steps for optimizing business continuity.

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Cloud Backup Assessment

Audit your recovery processes and learn how to ensure secure and reliable access to fast and complete data backups using modern cloud infrastructure.

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BC/DR JumpStart

Create documented policies and an actionable BC/DR roadmap through hands-on Azure Site Recovery implementation and backup configuration.

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Modern desktop support

Aging software and hardware pose serious challenges to security and productivity. Collaborate with our experts to empower users and simplify management.

Windows 10 Envisioning Session

Windows 10 Envisioning Session

Learn how Windows 10 can improve user experience, security and management. We’ll develop clear next steps for your adoption roadmap.

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Windows Autopilot JumpStart

Windows Autopilot JumpStart

Optimize device deployment processes and enhance capabilities with an Autopilot test environment that can be reproduced across the business.

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Communication and collaboration

Work is no longer confined to a desk or office. In our sessions, explore how Microsoft solutions support productivity anywhere, anytime.

Office 365 icon

Microsoft 365 Collaboration
Envisioning Session

Understand the impact Microsoft 365 tools can have on your business and walk away with defined next steps to spur your Microsoft 365 adoption.

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Sharepoint icon

SharePoint JumpStart

Improve information sharing and simplify workflows with a tailored SharePoint hub that supports document collaboration and management.

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Microsoft Teams icon

Microsoft Teams JumpStart

Streamline productivity and communication, and discover what Microsoft Teams can do for your organization by creating a pilot environment.

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Trusted expertise and proven processes

We provide expert guidance on cloud integration and data center transformation to organizations at any stage of maturity. By supporting new technology adoption from end to end, we’ll help you overcome business challenges, improve service levels and drive growth.

Envision & plan icon

Discover & plan

Realizing technology benefits in an envisioning session

Analyze icon

Examine & analyze

Evaluating your IT environment strategy in an assessment

Envision & plan icon

Define & design

Adopting best-suited processes in a workshop

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Build & deploy

Implementing a working proof of concept in a JumpStart

Make your next move with confidence.

Our IT consulting services are the first step in gaining clarity to optimize your environment.