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Mobilize your workforce.

Your work is no longer a location but an activity that must be delivered across devices, including laptops, tablets and smartphones. Help users gain a seamless experience.

With VMware, you can simplify app management by enabling secure mobile access anytime, anywhere and from any device using VMware Horizon® and VMware Workspace ONE®.

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Mobilize your workforce with VMware Horizon.

VMware Horizon enables effortless application access between all your devices, including laptops, tablets and smartphones — letting you work wherever you need to. VMware Horizon is a platform for delivering virtual desktops and apps efficiently and securely across hybrid cloud for the best end-user digital workspace experience.

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Benefits of VMware Horizon

Horizon helps IT efficiently deploy and scale virtual desktops and apps from a single control plane with rapid provisioning, automation and simplified management. Plus, with best-in-class management capabilities and deep integrations with the VMware® technology ecosystem, the Horizon platform delivers a modern approach for desktop and app management for on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures. The result is fast and simple virtual desktop and application delivery that extends an optimal experience to all applications.

WorkspaceONE with Office 365 devices

Confidently use Office 365 on all devices.

Integrating Workspace ONE with Office 365® empowers you to deliver unprecedented productivity for your mobile users — including a unified, seamless user experience across multiple devices. Easily manage advanced access policies and device compliance rules.

With real-time compliance monitoring and automated remediation actions, you can deliver true privacy-centric management that keeps work and personal data separate. 

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Adopt Windows 10 in your mobile strategy.

Using Workspace ONE with Windows® 10 creates a single digital workspace platform across the entire organization. Support a mobile workforce with secure access and device management while delivering a unified app catalog across all your devices. VMware provides a secure infrastructure for all your applications, both cloud and on premises — enabling simple and automated provisioning across desktops and mobile devices.

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Manage from a single platform.

Insight and VMware bring you an integrated solution that includes the VMware vSphere® hypervisor and the VMware vRealize® Suite to form a multivendor hybrid cloud management platform. Portable licensing units allow you to build and manage both private clouds and multivendor hybrid clouds.

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