Improve your productivity by speaking

Insight and Nuance empower businesses to work faster, smarter and with greater accuracy simply by speaking.

Voice-controlled computing 

Nuance’s Dragon Speech Recognition software is better than ever. With no keyboards in sight, Dragon boosts productivity by allowing you to dictate words to appear on screen or make commands for your computer to obey.

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Speed & accuracy

Dragon speech recognition solutions are three times faster than typing and provide 99% accuracy to help create high-quality documentation with ease.

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Range of industries

These advanced solutions are designed to benefit healthcare, public safety, legal, finance, education and government organizations.

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Innovative solutions

Trusted by many U.S. hospitals and leading enterprises across the globe, Dragon creates intuitive solutions that amplify your ability to help others.

A medical professional  working with a nuance product solution

Dragon Medical One 

Simplify clinical paperwork with an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered documentation solution. Dragon Medical One provides fast, flexible and secure speech-to-text capabilities that help you record a patient’s medical information using natural voice navigation and workflow assistance. 

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Medical worker working with Nuance product solution

Healthcare dictation microphone

Your clinicians should be spending more time with patients and less time managing administrative tasks. The Nuance PowerMic 4 streamlines productivity by offering advanced ergonomic control and dictation functions. 

Physicians can complete electronic health records, templates and reports using fast and effective navigation and text addition capabilities.

A Woman professional working with Nuance product solution

Dragon Professional v16

Dragon Professional helps employees create high-quality documents, spreadsheets and presentations with accuracy and speed. The latest version is optimized for Windows® 11 and Microsoft® Office 2021 and is adaptable for individuals in any role and organizations of all sizes.

This powerful voice recognition software makes it easy to command, transcribe and automate repetitive tasks and manual processes while improving turnaround time — saving your business time and money.

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Dragon Legal Group v16

With more than 400 million words and specialized vocabulary installed, Dragon Legal Group is made for the legal industry. Quickly create and format case files, contracts or briefs while streamlining legal documentation.

Dragon Legal Group empowers attorneys and other legal professionals to reduce turnaround times and transcription costs — giving your support staff more time to focus on high-value, billable tasks.

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An Law Enforcer using Nuance Product solution

Dragon Law Enforcement v16

Dragon Law Enforcement helps police officers keep their heads up and stay situationally aware while they create detailed incident reports in the field. This AI-powered speech recognition tool records information three times faster than typing and helps reduce officer burnout.

Plus, the solution boosts productivity by leveraging the latest Windows 11 and Microsoft Office capabilities.

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A woman working with a nuance product solution

Dragon Professional Anywhere 

For organizations that need to create a high volume of documents fast, Dragon Professional Anywhere helps your teams save time and money. The cloud-hosted, AI speech recognition software lets staff use their voice to create high-quality documents. 

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A Woman professional working with Nuance product solution

Dragon Legal Anywhere 

Legal professionals still need to create documents as they navigate law buildings and offices. Dragon Legal Anywhere helps you turn words into high-quality documentation quickly, efficiently and accurately. Attorneys, judges and clerks will find this solution helpful for their workflows. 

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A Woman Law enforcer working with Nuance product solution

Dragon Professional Anywhere for law enforcement

Streamline law enforcement tasks — from looking up license plates to reviewing your records management system — using Dragon Professional Anywhere. This solution helps you capture information fast and accurately while in the field and on the go. 

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Nuance PowerMic 4

Nuance PowerMic 4

Some teams have many documents to work through in a short amount of time. The Nuance PowerMic 4 makes it easy to navigate and edit documents, templates and reports using text dictation. Ergonomic control of dictation functions and on-screen field navigation ensure prolonged, comfortable use. 

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