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Kensington® solutions, available from Insight, provide the ultimate tools to help you work from anywhere successfully and smoothly.

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Why privacy screens?

Kensington privacy screens reduce the risk of exposing sensitive and valuable information to unwanted viewers. As mobile working becomes more popular and the use of high-definition screens increases, so does the risk that confidential data may be exposed. Work without disruption with a Kensington Privacy Screen, and keep what’s confidential, confidential.

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Universal docking solutions

Kensington helps mobile users make the most out of their mobile devices, wherever they are. Kensington’s experience combined with their commitment to quality, objectivity and established industry relationships, make them uniquely positioned to forecast trends, thus delivering business-grade universal docking stations.

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Solutions for every environment

See how Kensington solutions can meet your tech needs, whatever they may be.

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Home office

Transform your home office with solutions that will keep you engaged, productive and equipped to do your best.

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Educational opportunities

As at-home learning, eLearning and online school grow in popularity, people of all ages need advanced, mobile computing that makes learning from a distance possible.

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Healthcare solutions

Improve patient care and engagement, reduce costs, streamline operations and keep sensitive data safe and secure, with Kensington.

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Universal docking stations

Bring unmatched connectivity to your workspace, no matter where it is. Kensington’s Universal Docking Solutions give you the freedom of mobility and connectivity in plug-and-play fashion. Wherever you may be, don’t just get connected — stay connected.

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Privacy for your screens

Prevent unauthorized viewing of your devices with Kensington Privacy Screens. Your laptops and monitors hold sensitive data that isn’t meant for everyone to see. Whether on the move or in the office, there’s no need to change your usual working position to protect your data from prying eyes. Now you can work without disruption and reduce the risk of exposing valuable information to unwanted viewers.

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Work-from-anywhere solutions

Stay productive anywhere you choose to work, with Kensington work-from-anywhere solutions. Due to the pandemic, organizations have had to review their practices, revisit policies and adopt new routines. Kensington makes working remote a lot easier with an array of mobile solutions meant to keep you up and running, wherever you are.

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Data protection at its finest

Kensington security solutions protect your data and electronics, making sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands. By implementing the necessary controls and security policies that keep your company’s information safe from cybercriminals, you can operate safely and with peace of mind.

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