Scanning matters.

Fujitsu® scanners are designed with advanced technology and materials, making them built to last and built to deliver.

Fujitsu printer and documents

Advanced paper feeding

Sophisticated paper handling technology protects your documents, while improved paper separation guarantees quality control and reduces paper jams.

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Superior image quality

High-quality CCD cameras provide high-resolution images and intelligent software cleans up unwanted marks and backgrounds.

Fujitsu departmental and network scanners

Quality design

Designed with the best materials, Fujitsu scanners will last for years — scanning all types of documents, including plastic and embossed cards.

FI-7160 workgroup scanner

Small, quick and powerful

The fi-7160 workgroup scanner is perfect for your daily scanning needs. Wherever you choose to work, this scanner will increase productivity, performance and flexibility so you can focus on what you do best. Likewise, the Fujitsu fi-7600 production scanner comes with a large automatic feeder and advanced paper straightening technology, making it able to keep up with document heavy workloads.

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FI-7600 mid-office scanner

Your mid-office scanner

The fi-7600 is a mid-office scanner perfect for producing normal and wide sized documents at high speeds. The fi-7600 is full of thoughtful touches that make clear, accurate scanning simple. Designed with easy alignment guides, paper straightening technology and a straight feeding path, this scanner keeps your documents protected while capturing data consistently and correctly.

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FI-7900 scanner

Enterprise scanning

Fujitsu production scanners are built for productive workflows. With a 500-page hopper, accurate feeding and fast 140 page-per-minute output, the fi-7900 scanner can handle all of your production scanning needs — for multishift environments and large-scale projects. The fi-7900’s Automatic Separation Control function lets you scan faster, without the need for rescans, guaranteeing reliability and consistency.

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Scanners for healthcare

As a healthcare provider or hospital administrator, you face the daily challenge of curating and processing never-ending paperwork. From forms and waivers to ID cards and barcodes, you need scanners that will keep up with your document-heavy workflows, leaving no room for human error in filing or data entry. Fujitsu scanners make it easier to put the patient first.

Fujitsu for manufacturing thumbnail

Scanners for manufacturing

Remain competitive by embracing scanning technology that make manufacturing a little bit easier not just on the factory floor, but in the back office as well. As trade uncertainties, issues with infrastructure and a need for raw materials arise, Fujitsu makes sure you’re prepared for whatever comes next.

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