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Transform your approach to insider risk management

Avoid security breaches with Code42® Incydr, available from Insight, to keep your organization’s information protected from data loss, leaks, theft, sabotage and even espionage.

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The Incydr difference

Organizations are moving faster and doing more than ever before. End users are creating, modifying and deleting data every second on their laptops and in the cloud. Your security and IT teams need to be able to keep up with the risks. With Incydr, you can empower employee productivity, protect data and stop insider risk from threatening your information’s safety.

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Code42 Incydr

Accurately detect and respond to data risks across your network with Code42 Incydr. Incydr starts by intelligently distinguishing between approved and unapproved activity. Then Incydr prioritizes the risks that matter most. Finally, Incydr allows you to respond with custom responses to different types of risks to keep your information safe.

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What is insider risk and how do I protect my organization?

With more and more employees being onboarded, empowered and offboarded remotely, there are a lot of security risks to keep up with. That’s why it’s important to be prepare with insider risk management.

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