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3M COMPLY Magnetic Attach filters

3M COMPLY Magnetic Attach for Monitors delivers unparalleled privacy and screen sharing, thanks to an ultra-strong, quick-click magnetic filter that attaches to your monitor with ease.

Designed with rare earth magnets that are 100x stronger than refrigerator magnets, you’ll get a reliable, strong solution with a sleek, aesthetic look that suits the modern workplace.

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Gold Privacy Filters

3M Gold Privacy Filters boast a high level of clarity and security. Others trying to view your screen from the side see only a vibrant gold shield of world-class privacy, while you get a gold, glossy finish with incredible clarity.

Built for full-screen monitors with flat glass displays, this privacy screen can be reversed between vivid gold and glossy black.

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Woman working using a 3M filter installed monitors

Privacy Filters

3M Black Privacy Filters for monitors provide uncompromising black out privacy from a side view while creating an excellent, high-resolution viewing experience for you.

These screens are designed for full-screen monitors with flat glass displays and include a glare-reducing matte side that reduces reflections and hides fingerprints — delivering pristine image clarity

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Framed Privacy Filters

3M Framed Privacy Filters enable an amazing visual experience thanks to high-contrast clarity. Unique microlouver technology ensures privacy and is optimized for today's high-resolution monitors. And, these filters are easy to remove for simplified screen sharing.

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Man working using Anti-Glare Filters for monitors

Anti-Glare Filters

3M Anti-Glare Filters diffuse glare and reduce reflectivity, so your screen is easy to see — even in changing indoor lighting, brightly lit areas and near windows. Compatible with most touchscreen displays, their matte surface cleans easily and hides fingerprints.

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