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An evolving threatscape barrages organizations with increasingly sophisticated and targeted attacks. Today, a multi-faceted strategy is necessary to defend against breaches on all fronts of your IT environment. But pulling together expertise, tools and resources into a comprehensive solution is complex and lengthy.

The Quantico Cyber Hub, created by Cyber Bytes Foundation, Insight Public Sector and partners, was formed to give you the upper hand as you stave off the onslaught of cyber attacks.


Here, the industry’s top architects, developers and technicians work together to solve your pressing cybersecurity issues.

Vendor agnostic

We shape an ideal solution using the best technology available, ensuring your end product functions according to rigorous standards.

Outcomes oriented

At the cyber hub, our experts work toward a deep understanding of your needs before creating a solution.

Cybersecurity statistics

The stakes are too high. A single breach can significantly impact your organization, jeopardizing mission-critical objectives, compromising your data and threatening your employees and the public.


federal, state and local governments and agencies impacted by
ransomware in 20201

$915 million

Estimated cost of the ransomware attacks to public sector organizations2

324 days

Average time to identify and contain a breach in the public sector3

Our capabilities

We put cutting-edge technology to work — taking a proactive stance to thwart attacks to your organization. Next-generation tools make it possible to monitor closely, target precisely and eliminate threats quickly, so you can focus on achieving your mission.

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Discover the possibilities of high-power, secure wireless technology to make real-time decisions and boost innovation.
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Artificial Intelligence (AI)
& Machine Learning (ML)

Use smart algorithms to identify patterns, interpret data and continuously improve operational efficiency.

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Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (VR)

Immersive experiences allow a user to learn from pre-programmed scenarios, interact with modules and more.

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Cloud (public, hybrid, tactical)

Customize the cloud to your exact needs without sacrificing safety with comprehensive cloud guidance and implementation.

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The Cyber Range and Operations Center Lab focus on real-world cybersecurity solutions, Zero Trust, training and simulation.
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Improve the efficiency and output of your IT security teams using DevSecOps to accomplish more.

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Private Cellular Networks on Your Own Premises Featured at Quantico Cyber Hub

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A new way to fight cybercrime

Quantico Cyber Hub addresses the threats of cybercrime head on, in a purpose-built facility where leaders, learners and public sector clients can come together. The facility is located in the heart of America’s governing body, next to the Quantico Marine Base in Virginia.

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Quantico cyber center of excellence

Monitoring security threats in the cyber hub

Research & innovation

Our next-generation cyber range is an ultra-realistic environment — complete with network, hardware and software. It’s the ideal platform to test ideas, practice responses and hone your strategy.

You’ll see the impact of threats in detail through sophisticated simulations and tests.

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Operations & support

Working with a dedicated security operations team can simultaneously strengthen your security posture — improving your threat detection and response time — and reduce your IT burden, so you have more resources to dedicate to other key goals.

The Cyber Hub’s network and security operations centers offer cyber defense, offense and exploration. Experienced professionals monitor your environment closely using the latest protocols.

IT professional teaching security training in cyber hub

Education & training

The Cyber University will prepare your leaders to protect your organization. Develop key skills through immersive exercises that are tailored to the security roadblocks and technical gaps you’re looking to close.

We also provide training to future cybersecurity professionals through our cyber institute. Students will gain hands-on experience, learn new skills and explore the industry in an exciting space.

Guidance at every stage of your IT journey

Insight Public Sector is uniquely positioned to solve your complex IT challenges. With us, you have access to specialists with decades of experience serving the public sector and an expansive partner network. Plus, our supply chain capabilities mean you get a white-glove experience from solution creation to installation and support.

Insight and the Cyber Bytes Foundation

The Quantico Cyber Hub was created by the Cyber Bytes Foundation to advance the nation’s cybersecurity stance, equipping the leaders of today and tomorrow with the skills to protect against evolving threats. Alongside the Cyber Hub, the foundation created the Cyber Bytes Academy as its education hub and the American Cyber League to spur innovation.

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Security solutions for every sector

Every organization — from small municipal governments to large military branches — needs ironclad protocols in place to safeguard data, employees and the public.

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K-12 & higher

Modernize your government operations.

We’ll help you solve your biggest IT challenges, so you can spend more time serving the public and less on technology management. Connect with our specialists by completing the contact form or using one of the two options below.

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