Enhanced public safety for a safer tomorrow

Digital technology, such as evidence management and video
surveillance, are radically changing the public safety industry —
impacting everyone from first responders to justice departments. While
next-generation solutions are increasing your capacity to serve your
communities, reliance on a growing IT ecosystem and data transformation require careful consideration to operate at maximum efficiency.

We’ll help you develop the right strategy, deployment and maintenance program, giving you the freedom to focus on protecting and serving the public. 

Increase your ability to:

  • Respond to incidents faster
  • Manage data effortlessly
  • Improve case resolution
  • Turn data into actionable insights

Modern technology can improve safety in your city.

Your officers, civil servants and first responders can gain an edge in situations when time is critical. Explore how cities are harnessing the power of data and advanced analytics.


potential reduction in crime


improved emergency response times


reduced fatalities from crime and traffic accidents

Quantico Cyber Hub

The Quantico Cyber Hub brings industry experts, leading security solutions and deep technical expertise under one roof to solve the public sector’s crucial security challenges. Created in collaboration with the Cyber Bytes Foundation, the Quantico Cyber Hub is a cyber center of excellence designed to thwart even the most malicious attacks.

Explore the Cyber Hub

Quantico Cyber Hub

Improved data security and reliability

With every call, case and response, your personnel collect critical text, audio and video footage. Gathering, storing, organizing and accessing it all requires reliable connections and documented protocols.

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How are you leveraging your data troves? We’ll help you access, analyze and share it to unlock its full potential.

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We can provide your cloud instance, migrate on-premises data to the cloud and provide ongoing support with managed services.

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With access management, end-to-end encryption and more, we’ll ensure security is built into everything you do.

Solutions for public safety

Real-time crime center

Keep a pulse on your city with dashboards and visualizations fed by diverse data sets. With a centralized system, you’ll be able to determine the severity of an incident, gather all of the relevant information and send it to public safety officials in the field.

Integrate data from:

  • Cameras
  • 911 calls & police dispatch
  • Traffic reports
  • Gunshot detection sensors
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Digital evidence collection and management

How you gather, share and organize information can have a significant impact on organizational efficiency. We’ll help you build an ecosystem that is intelligent and intuitive — giving your staff the ability to create a digital file with any content you deem necessary.

Increase your ability to share information with other departments quickly and securely in the cloud. Smart indexing software makes documents fully searchable — including video files.

Bring together data sources from:

  • Interview rooms
  • Criminal evidence
  • Court records
  • Body camera footage
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License plate recognition

Organizations are leveraging machine learning to read license plates and compare them with databases — which allows officers to focus on critical tasks and also reduces resource spending.

A fixed license plate recognition system can be installed at strategic locations across a city to collect plates as vehicles pass in front of the camera. Or, mobile units can be deployed in cars that can actively scan an area.

Scan for:

  • Stolen vehicles
  • Expired registration
  • Silver and Amber alerts
  • Warrants for arrest


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Facial recognition

Facial recognition technology has been used by law enforcement for more than a decade to help with investigations and contribute to policing. Ensure your organization has sufficient IT resources to analyze information in massive databases that include social media images, mug shots and licenses.

Woman with facial recognition graphic overlay

Storing in-car and officer body camera footage

Manual and dated in-car and body camera management will bog your department down with inefficient practices — robbing your officers of valuable time. We’ll help you implement a modern, automated digital evidence storage and management program that effectively addresses privacy concerns.

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Cloud or on-premises storage with appropriate tagging features ensures you’re able to locate files easily and quickly.

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Sharing DVDs or USB drives with files is inefficient. A digital system makes it simple to share files with media, courts and the public.

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Cloud-based digital access with encryption offers a single, protected chain of custody, so you control who views your files.

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Public safety for federal organizations

In addition to cities and law enforcement agencies, we serve federal organizations. Leveraging a deep portfolio of technology partners and solution architects, we can address your needs.

  • 911 services
  • National Guard
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Customs and Border Protection
A police officer using a laptop

Data-based policing

Technical advances in law enforcement are making it possible to improve how you use your resources — improving budget allocation and performance. Knowing more about the areas you serve gives you the ability to provide appropriate responses and improve community relations

Leveraging data, you can determine with greater accuracy how many officers are needed and where, at any given moment. Predictive models take into consideration multiple variables from special events, population trends and historical crime data.

Your guide for improving public safety

Insight Public Sector has the critical public safety experience and deep technical skills to solve your biggest challenges. Our end-to-end capabilities are designed to help your organization at every stage — from strategy and implementation to monitoring and managed services.

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Smarter, tougher technology

The right technology enables your personnel to do their jobs better, faster and smarter, making communities and individuals safer.

We offer video camerasruggedized laptops and tablets that provide better communication and protection for everyone — and the software, infrastructure and data storage to support them.

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When every second counts

Insight’s public safety solutions ensure your people have immediate access to the information and technology they need to respond quickly and efficiently.

  • GPS-based dispatch solutions
  • Electronic citation systems
  • In-car and officer body cameras
  • Ruggedized laptops and notebooks

Explore our purchasing contracts to see how your department can save money.

Modernize your government operations.

We’ll help you solve your biggest IT challenges, so you can spend more time serving the public and less on technology management. Connect with our specialists by completing the contact form or using one of the two options below.

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