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As businesses move toward flexible, distributed modes of working, technology plays a vital role in unifying teams and supporting business goals. Learn how Insight and VMware help future-proof your organization and set remote workers up for success.

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The phases of Future Ready

The VMware® Future Ready model is a set of clear steps and actions that drive stability, growth and innovation, regardless of specific challenges and goals.

Phase 1: Respond

Phase 1 focuses on sustaining business operations in a time of crisis. It includes securing vital information and systems, and rapidly enabling remote workers to preserve customer engagement. Determine where your organization is in the journey.

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If you can answer no to any of these questions about your organization’s ability to ensure business continuity effectively in a crisis, then your enterprise is in Phase 1.

  • Can I deliver and configure laptops to remote workers as well as handle break-fix issues on these devices?
  • Can I keep my employees working and productive while also protecting them from harm?
  • Can I sustain business operations uninterrupted?
  • Can I do all of this without compromising the security of my data and systems?

Phase 2: Adapt

Phase 2 focuses on driving business resiliency to evolve systems, people and processes to a new reality. This is a period of changing systems, business models, processes and team structures. Determine where your organization is in the journey.

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If you can answer no to any of these questions about your organization’s ability to create business resilience for a new reality, then your enterprise is in Phase 2.

  • Do I have a business model that I can adapt to the current environment and future challenges?
  • Are my IT investments aligned to our business priorities?
  • Are my teams and resources dedicated to the right initiatives?
  • Can I deliver apps and services at speed to adapt and grow business?

Phase 3: Accelerate

Phase 3 focuses on building a digital-first model for business and IT to define the future business state, build sustained competitive advantage and harden the business against future crises. Determine where your organization is in the journey.

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If you can answer no to any of these questions about your organization’s ability to accelerate toward a digital-first future, then your enterprise is in Phase 3.

  • Can I accelerate service delivery to create new, compelling value for my business and my customers?
  • Can I shift my workforce from remote work to remote first?
  • Have I built a more business-driven model of investment for IT?
  • Am I strong and agile enough to thrive in the face of future crises?

Turn your business into an “anywhere organization.”

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Scaling apps

Best-in-class digital workspace technologies provide infrastructure that scales support and enables remote access to vital apps and data.

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Secure endpoints

Cloud-first modern management of endpoints with context-aware security features protecting all accessed organizational assets while reducing complexity.

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Optimizing the edge

Context-aware access and uncompromised connectivity are critical components to bring the corporate network to the remote employee.

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A partner to help you prepare

Insight delivers VMware Future Ready solutions and supports your enterprise to create a sustainable work-from-home strategy with a secure, scalable and unified digital infrastructure that spans from cloud to device.

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Prepare for tomorrow, today.

Insight and VMware can help you achieve digital transformation and propel you forward no matter where you are on your journey. Learn how in these resources:

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Give your remote workers the support they need to succeed in any situation with Insight and VMware.