Efficiency counts

Contact tracing is essential to the health of your organization’s employees and visitors. Up to 79.9% of COVID-19 transmissions can be prevented with immediate testing and tracing. But manual tracing methods, which are slow, labor-intensive and often inaccurate, can cost valuable time and resources. A three-day reporting delay reduces effectiveness to 41.8%, while a seven-day delay prevents just 4.9% of transmissions.1


Protecting health — and privacy

Best in class device

Best-in-class devices

Long-lasting Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) wearables leverage unique IDs to encourage social distancing and securely log proximity and location events.

Fast accurate and private image

Fast, accurate, private

Data is kept anonymized unless a confirmed case is initiated through Connected Platform. Accurate tracing results are returned in minutes — not days.

Easy pricing model image

Easy pricing model

Simplify planning and budgeting with one low, monthly, per-user subscription that covers both the cost of your devices and access to Connected Platform.

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Contact tracing 101

Get an inside look at Connected Platform for Contact Tracing. In this on-demand webinar, experts from Insight and Microshare explore how devices and software come together to create a simple, yet comprehensive solution.

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A visual guide to contact tracing

It takes just a few basic components and policies to securely manage contact tracing across your organization. Get a step-by-step overview of how our solution integrates seamlessly into the workday.

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A smarter, safer workplace starts here.

Insight Connected Platform for Contact Tracing provides the simple, scalable foundation for a robust detection and prevention strategy.

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1 Bonton, M., Bootsma, M., Kretzchmar, M., Rozhnova, G., Van Boven, M., & Van De Wijgert, J. (2020, July 16). Impact of Delays on Effectiveness of Contact Tracing Strategies for COVID-19: A Modeling Study. The Lancet Public Health.