Thales is dedicated to serving the public sector.

You can cover all the bases using Thales cybersecurity protection across your agency's entire cloud ecosystem, big data stores, users and code.

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Government agencies

Thales is trusted by federal agencies, as well as state and local jurisdictions, for meeting data security and compliance needs.

Educational institution

Educational institutions

Thales safeguards sensitive data and ensures compliance for schools, colleges and other educational institutions.

Law enforcement

Public Safety

Thales elevates public safety agencies to a Zero Trust security model, increasing security and compliance best practices. Thales delivers remote access, multifactor authentication, and encryption capabilities that ensure security of data, whether data is at rest, in transit, or in use.

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Mandating cybersecurity

As of May 2021, the federal government has begun moving toward a zero-trust architecture and accelerated shift to secure cloud services. As a result of an executive order, the new model includes deploying multi-factor authentication (MFA) and encryption among other security best practices.

Learn how Thales CPL moves agencies and organizations toward four key elements of comprehensive cybersecurity compliance.


Navigating Data Security in an Era of Hybrid Work, Ransomware and Accelerated Cloud Transformation

Two years on, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to dramatically impact IT teams worldwide. The 2022 Thales Data Threat Report – US Federal Edition looked at many aspects of those impacts, drawing insights from topics such as ransomware, zero-trust security strategies and cloud data security trends.

Learn more about what is driving these information security trends such as new technologies, greater compliance mandates and more severe security incidents.

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Achieving four key elements of data security

Meet stringent cybersecurity compliance through four important areas of focus with Thales solutions, available from Insight — cloud security; data discovery and identification; multi-factor authentication and encryption; and code integrity.

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